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Changing Seas: Living Fossils

In July 2013, a production crew from WPBT-2 Public Broadcasting in Miami, headed by producer Alexa Elliott, accompanied me, Tom Baumiller (University of Michigan) and Forest Gahn (Brigham Young University-Idaho) to shoot an episode of their long-running series Changing Seas on our research into the ecology of deep-water crinoids (sea lilies and feather stars). The program was shot on location on Isla Roatán, Honduras, where we used Karl Stanley's submersible. For more information on Karl's sub, and how you can visit the deep ocean, visit the Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration.

Click on the image at right to go to WPBT-2's website to view the video.

The sea lily Cenocrinus asterius photographed at a depth of 570 ft off Roatan, Honduras.
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