Sea Food or Who eats who in the ocean is a richly illustrated introduction in verse to food chains and food webs in the ocean, written on an upper elementary level. It includes the basic food pyramid "rule of ten", e.g., it takes 200 lobsters to feed 20 octopuses, which will feed 2 sharks. The book is softcover, 56 pages (9" x 7" landscape format), and includes four food chain habitats: two in the open ocean, one on a rocky bottom, and one in the cold Antarctic. Scale drawings of familiar objects illustrate the sizes of the marine creatures. The book explains the difference between a food chain and food web. A glossary defines terms such as plankton and algae.

The color illustrations are all drawn from early (chiefly 19th-century) texts, encyclopedias, and expedition reports.

The images below are the facing pages of the first food chain. 

The book is currently available through BookBaby (click the Buy Now link) for $17.75 and will be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble in July 2019.


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